Advisory & India Base Camp

One of our services most useful to prospective entrants in the Indian Market is a “India Base Camp Service”. This has been specially designed for International Companies who want to enter the Indian Market. This provides low risk, cost effective solutions to establishing a local presence and develop new business opportunities in the Indian market. Our combination of international experience and local knowledge ensures India Consults serves the needs of our international clients’ activities in India. It is a combination of advisory and consultation services plus facilitation service

Benefits of India Base Camp

  • On-going local supervision of your designated representative with regular reporting
  • A strong supporting management, administration and financial team
  • A fixed fee and budget structure with clarity on the local investment required
  • Local management of your expense budgets. This ensures that every dollar is well spent and accounted for.
  • No need to register a local company or appoint auditors, accountants and lawyers
  • The ability to test the market and get a clear understanding of what and where the opportunities are

Who is India Base Camp ideal for?

The India Base Camp is suitable for Companies who…

  • Want a low risk, cost controlled presence
  • Want to enter the market quickly, efficiently, yet effectively
  • Are not sure where in India they should be based and need further market exploration
  • Do not want to spend money and time registering a local company from day one
  • Want their representative to be supported and monitored
  • Want to grow their local team based on the growth of the opportunity
  • Do not want to have fixed overheads in terms of offices, vehicles etc.
Setting Up Indian Operations Using India Consults Resources

Until the international Company has established a permanent presence in the India market, some of the biggest challenges usually arise from cross border communication issues and attempting to manage the business remotely.

Phone calls and emails are no substitute for face-to-face communication. Clients who attempt to enter into the Indian market alone and remotely are often frustrated because of regular misunderstandings, missed deadlines, stalled projects and slow or non-existent response when making enquiries.

Further, local companies usually want to see the commitment to a local presence by a foreign company in the market before engaging in business.

India Consults helps by providing an active, local presence to manage your business interests through our India Base Camp Service..

The India Base Camp Service acts as an incubator for foreign organisations who have decided they need to have a full-time presence in India, but do not want to register a local company yet. The service ensures our clients acclimatize to local conditions with minimum cost and risk, whilst enabling them to swiftly and successfully reach new heights in India.