Entry Strategy

Given the nature of India’s legacy of bureaucratic controls and the related regime of licenses and permissions, most overseas investors / businessmen find the Indian bureaucratic procedures extremely difficult and are potential hurdles to a decision-making process. India Consults and its associates have handled India Entry Related matters for Companies from across the world.

We work to help foreign companies big and small, enter the Indian market by providing them information and assistance in making their way in a culturally different and seemingly complex market. Some of the ways we help companies is by:

• Providing actual ground-based information to enable them to assess the potential in India.
• Creating an appropriate entry strategy into the Indian market.
• Getting them in connect with the people/ companies that can import and sell their products.
• Giving them day to day on ground assistance in monitoring their market. Crucially we have a system that helps them monitor if their importers and resellers are doing the things they committed to generate business in India.
• Given the fact that there are several cultural differences between the length and breadth across India, we can help them tailor their communication and fine tune their offering.
• Investing in India - Help them setup the necessary regulatory approvals as needed in India, in addition to

        . Setting up a Liaison Office in India

        . Setting up a Branch Office in India

        . Investing in India and setting up a 100% Subsidiary or a Financial Joint Venture in India.

We have offered entry strategy / options and support to several foreign companies. These have been from France, Germany, Malaysia, Japan, Holland, Sweden, USA etc.

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