Channel Partner – Monitoring and Supervision

Many companies appoint channel partners, importers, distributors in India and test the markets without having their own presence in India. It is not easy for them to monitor on a regular basis if the Channel Partner is actually undertaking all the activities they have committed to the foreign company. The Foreign company is also not sure if the channel partner is giving the right feedback of the market conditions.

Phone calls and emails are no substitute for face-to-face communication. Clients who attempt to enter into the Indian market alone and remotely are often frustrated because of regular misunderstandings, missed deadlines, stalled projects and slow or non-existent response when making enquiries.

Further, local companies usually want to see the commitment to a local presence by a foreign company in the market before engaging in business.

Travelling back and forth to monitor the market and the channel partner is not only time consuming but also very expensive for the Foreign company. India Consults undertakes the monitoring and supervision of Channel partners on behalf of the Foreign Companies. This service allows the Foreign Company to

Have a clear picture of the Channel Partners Performance
It gives then direct inputs on Competitor’s activities.
It can also give them an indication of the potential in the market.

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